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The Reiki Centre organizes Reiki Circles on a regular basis. We will be meeting on the Circlesfollowing dates:

Reiki Circles are designed to encourage our students to practice their skills in a group situation. Multiple massage tables are set up and students practice together on one of their colleagues. We usually have a theme attached to each Circle such as Reiki and the endocrine system, Reiki as a Way of Life, how to start up your own Reiki practice…

Each Circle lasts about 90 minutes and is followed by a light vegetarian lunch. It is a perfect opportunity for students to share their own experience with their peers and exchange tips.

We also encourage those who would like to explore what Reiki is, to participate in our Circles.  It is a nice way for them to get the feel of how Reiki could be beneficial for them.

Students and attendees of all ages and all lineages are welcome. It is common for entire families to attend.