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Energy Fundamentals

All matter is energy. A person, an animal, a fruit, is all energy hand_energy and each hold a unique pattern and frequency

In the early 1920’s,  quantum physicists discovered that all matter is made of light vibrating at a specific rate and in humans, that vibration creates a field around the body called the biofield. This biofield is specific to each person and can be affected by our state of mind, physical state, the environment, and our thoughts!

This “field” cannot be detected by our usual 5 senses, but many of us can sense it. For example, we can all relate to picking up a “good” or “bad” energy vibe in certain spaces, like someone’s house, a mall, a theatre, or in a person. When in the presence of a seemingly nice person, many people experience feeling “something”.  This is our “sixth” sense is picking up a very different story. Another example, which is a very familiar one, would be thinking of someone and a few minutes later, we receive an email or a phone call from that person.

We are like antennas and are picking up energy on an ongoing basis. The vibration of a person or an object affects another, a well known principle of physics call entrainment. Therefore, when we are in nature, we resonate with the energy of nature and we feel more peaceful. If we spend time around positive people, we feel good, whereas, when in the presence of negative people, we start acting like them.

Scientists have figured out a way to measure the frequency of the human body. Every disease has its own frequency.  Our mental, emotional or spiritual states affect our biofield. If you are in a negative space, your body will be more prone to diseases and might also attract negative experiences into your life. Conversely, helping people in need, praying, meditating or doing something which is your passion could raise your vibration and allow you to fend off diseases.

Reiki, as an energy modality, supports in balancing your biofield thereby raising your vibration, which results in a more positive frame of mind. Receiving a Reiki treatment is a pleasant experience in itself, however, there is a definite advantage for the recipient  to make a conscious decision to participate in their own healing.